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Amputation Injury | Accident Claims

There are countless ways in which limb-loss can occur in a personal injury setting but however an amputation has come about, the effect is almost always life-changing.

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At Bolt Burdon Kemp we recognise that for those injured, no two amputations are ever the same. Whether it is pre or post amputation, adult or child, our specialist solicitors can help secure access to the nation’s best rehabilitation and therapy providers, experts and equipment, tailored to the individual’s particular needs.

With over 30 years of experience of working with amputees, their support networks as well as experts in the field, we understand that there’s life beyond limb-loss.  In using this expertise and knowledge our solicitors are able to ensure that the right compensation package is secured, allowing those affected to focus on maximising their independence and restoring any quality of life that may have been lost.

Examples of how amputation may occur:

Our specialist personal injury solicitors represent amputees injured in the following circumstances:-

Interim Payments & Rehabilitation

When you are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, particularly where the outcome is as serious as limb-loss, there are almost always financial consequences. This might be because you are unable to work, support your family or even access the right rehabilitation or treatment.

Our priority in acting for amputees is to obtain, as early as possible, interim payments that will lessen the financial burden and allow, where necessary, access to private rehabilitation centres and therapists that can help maximise your recovery during the case and not just at the conclusion.

We can also assist you in ensuring that you are receiving all of the welfare benefits you are entitled to and where necessary, set up a Personal Injury Trust so that where interim payments are obtained, your eligibility to those benefits is unaffected.

We will never lose sight of the fact that the legal process can be a stressful experience. Our specialist solicitors will work tirelessly to ensure that you are provided with all of the necessary support needed, both physical and emotional, throughout the litigation process.

Prosthetics  & Orthotics

We are proud to have close ties with some of the nation’s best centres for prosthetic and orthotic care.

One of the regular steps taken by our solicitors is to obtain a specialist report from an expert who will assess your unique prosthetic requirements both now and long into the future, whatever your goals and aspirations.

Our clients have already benefited from this approach. Many have been able to trial and later purchase state of the art prostheses whether they have suffered digit loss or partial hand loss all the way though to those requiring the most advanced microprocessor-controlled prosthetic limbs.

Returning to Work and Leisure

As those within the limb-loss community will know, amputation does not need to mean the end of the world. With improving support, rehabilitation and advancements in assistive technology, more amputees than ever before are re-entering the workplace and re-engaging with pre-accident activities.

At Bolt Burdon Kemp, we see it as part of our role to help facilitate your return to “normal life” and where achievable, full independence. This can be achieved by utilising our existing links with rehabilitation centres and vocational experts who, together, can advise on what equipment, training or adaptations may be required for you to reach your goals.


Not all amputations will require adaptations to be made to an existing property or mean a new property is needed. However, where this is the case, our solicitors are experienced in conducting personal injury claims where funding for modifications, such as ramps, lifts, rails or hoists must be included within a compensation package. Where modifications cannot be made to your current property to allow you to live without undue restriction, we will explore alternative options including, for example, single-storey properties.

Charity Support

Our deep-rooted passion for supporting those living with amputation is demonstrated by our track record of providing legal advice and fundraising for charities specialising in this area.

In particular, Bolt Burdon Kemp is the proud sponsor and legal panel member of the Limbless Association – a nationwide charity providing vital support to the limb-loss community.

As well as providing financial support, our solicitors are truly committed to spending time with amputees, their friends and their families to truly understand what can be achieved with the right support. In doing so, our clients can be confident that we have the necessary passion, knowledge and specialism to secure the right compensation necessary to provide security long after their case has concluded.

Amputee recovers over £2.5million in compensation following motorcycle accident

We acted for Mr X, a man who was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2017 when a vehicle approaching in the opposite direction cut across his path. Our client sustained life-changing lower limb injuries. Over the next 18 months, our client underwent in excess of 25 major orthopaedic surgeries in an attempt to save his leg which had been blighted by repeated infection. In 2018, Mr X made the incredibly brave decision to undergo an elective below-knee amputation. In the lead up to the operation and through our own contacts, Mr X was introduced to an individual who had made a similar decision in the past and now lived with a below-knee prosthetic limb. It proved that by having the opportunity to discuss the decision with someone whose quality of life had dramatically improved after amputation, as well as having access to expert medical advice, Mr X could be confident in his decision and, post-amputation, has made a fantastic recovery. He regained his independence and his level of pain significantly reduced. Whilst the claim was ongoing, we eased the financial pressure on our client by obtaining interim payments totalling £310,000 for him. These payments also allowed him access to some of the best prosthetic options on the market and he even trialled a cutting-edge micro-processor foot allowing him to function at a level not experienced since before his accident. His claim eventually concluded at a settlement meeting with the Defendant’s insurance company for in excess of £2.5million.

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